The Jump Manual is a downloadale training system to help you jump higher and dunk. Does it work? I would say it is on the short list, of the numerous training systems, that do work. The trainer who put the program together claims that he is not a marketer but a serious trainer dedicated to helping people increase their vertical leap. He takes a multifaceted approach to training athletes to are a few claims he makes. Strenght plus quickness equals explosion, he claims to show you the best way to improve both. He shows how to use something called, stretch shortening cycle (SSC)", polymetrics and complex traing to improve your vertical leap. He shows the 9 facets of jumping higher and how to use them together to improve your performance. How to best use the recovery phase of training proprly to get the maximum benifit out of your training. How to use flexibility, balance and form together to improve your explosion. He has a forum to share training tips and experience with other people that are trying to learn to jump higher. He offers one on one training to help you improve your performance. He gaurentee's this to work. He also covers how to tran the right way instead of working hard the wrong way. When you order his program he includes a ebook,videos, workout charts and the overall program. You also get access to the forum and one on one training. The trainer gaurantees that you can improve your vertical leap by 10 inches in 12 weeks. He claims that nobody has asked for a refund. A good point about this training program is the emphasise put on safety. Training the right way so you do not get hurt. Any time you are jumping you are putting a huge strain on your joints and it is important to practise the right way. When taling on a project like improving your vertical leap, make sure to look at a few options to see what is available to you. I have put together reports on all the top jump traing systems in one place. Follow the links at the bottom of the page to read them for free. Remember, The jump Manual is one of the best.

the jump manual reviews

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